Freitag, 25. Dezember 2015

Song by PASADENA PROJEKT here as PASADENA PROJEKTA for alternative porn Mash up Music Video

a Hommage to Lucie Blush and her alternative feminist porn Films made by Rock Brenner. Song by Pasadena Projekta ( Mario Mentrup, Niki Woernle,Ole Wulfers) WE WILL SEE Watch out : X RATED /NICHT JUGENDFREI:

Pasadena Projekta - We Will See (a tribute to Lucie Blush) [Music Video / Mashup] from Rock Brenner on Vimeo.

here is the ep which was published 2012 on soundcloud including WE WILL SEE by Pasadena Projekt:

Teaser for short art film

From time to time i work as an actor for artist's films. Here is a brandnew teaser for a film by Mandy Krebs:

w starym Zoo from Mandy Krebs on Vimeo.

24:45 min I 4k I cinemascope I stereo I 2015 director I producer I editing: Mandy Krebs camera: Anna Motzel camera assitent: Sarah Handelmann sound: Jan Schunk actors: Sally Musleh Jaber, Mario Mentrup "w starym Zoo" takes place in an old zoological site. A space that simultaneously visualizes the condition of slow decay and blossoming nature. In this romantic, but also absurd environment, a conversation between two people emerge about the character of modern cities, marketing strategies and the affects to the population. What is the role of the construction and graphical urban landscape in the competition among different cities? Is there a need to find new approaches in order to understand the inner logic of urban space? What are the key question in the development of historically grown cities in relation to current trends in modern architecture? While walking through the site, the protagonists examines a variation European examples. Among others they discuss the process of the finding for a new slogan for Berlin, the strategic placement of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and pick up on the current debate about the German "Altstadt."

Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Pic from THE SHELLS - Welcome to Neufriedenwald

Actor and photographer Glenn Crossley (in the play: DEAN) shot this pic of Vivian Lafleur as Celine/Emily and me as Doc Hayward during our performance in the immersive theatre play inspired by TWIN PEAKS in June 2015

Mittwoch, 29. April 2015

Statement: There wont be a new film but else

More than once iam asked when i will do or show a new film of mine. Probably i decided for the next longer period of time i won't plan or think or write or direct any film. I enjoy my work as an actor for film and theatre and whatever formats and to help, advice directors, filmmakers who work with me. But there will be no film project of mine for now. Since i enjoy more than ever listening to music and to do music and write songs this is my current main interest in representing myself as an artist. Since two years i perform solo with my e guitar, a small amp and my voice, sometimes a friend, the writer, director and actrice Claudia Basrawi joins me, but more or less i experienced a lot of joy in the structure of songs and riffs i progress and developed for ages and i still learn and it feels fresher than ever. With the songs and the singing and minimal guitar style iam deeply into i can be the same time abstract, direct, absurd, real, doofus, smart, surreal, tough, soft, ironical, nice, a bastard, wise, stupid, fast, slow, new, old, temporary,contemporary,nostalgic, fiction, comparatistic,hymnical, prosaic, hysterical, maniac, rational, stucked and alive, in short: alive like i want it to be. That is satisfying enough. For now. Mario Mentrup April 28 in 2015

Donnerstag, 12. März 2015


shot with the money of FLAT ERIC, back in 2001, now released since a short time for free on open channels, THE ESSENCE OF THE NO REASON,says the filmmaker Dupieux/Mr.Oizo about his midlength relaxed craziness. As essential as Luc Moullet films, this film is even more dull, empty, shit and great. The early 2000s had some remarkable crazy films to show off, this is another one which plays in Death Valley, and french with Sebastian Tellier in the main role as a guy who shoots film without film:NONFILM